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Submitted on: Jul 25, 2020 at 09:20 PM
Race and Class
Orc Warlock
Real life name, age, gender and nationality

Casper, 27, Male, Denmark

Are you applying for the current team or Shadowlands?

Raiding Trial

Character name, MS + OS and is OS viable?

Huffledots, Destro only thing set up right now. but can play all 3 specs well.

How long has this character been your main?

Been playing warlock since i ran around lvl 43 around Tanaris back in vanilla.

Playtime on your character (total and at level 120)

78 days, 17 days. and this is not the only warlock i have played.

If guildless why did you leave your last guild? If still in one why are you looking to leave?

I am currently a social in a danish 12/12M guild that i know but their rooster is superfilled with dps and lacking healers.

What do you do in order to improve your performance?

I min/max every little thing i can possible to improve my warlock. it is ALWAYS as up to date when im actually playing wow. I read alot of guides/theorycrafting and i join in discussion on warlock related topics on reddit, wowhead, icy etc. i also do alot of rotation practice whenever specs change or i have to get into a new mainspec.

What made you apply to Dissidence?

I was looking for a guild high enough into mythic to have a fair chance to reach 12/12 with decent raiders but also not just going in and joining a 12/12M guild and get it all thrown at me. i enjoy progress raiding.

What is your current, most relevant, raiding experience?

havnt been actively trying to get into mythic. since i dont really like pugging that much when it comes to mythic. so ive only done 5/12M and 1st time i honestly got "boosted" by my current guild. at that given time i barely knew the tactics in heroic and was just winging it. Most relevant exp would be that im a dedicated enough raider to have been playing in a top guild REVENANT-SILVERMOON top15is server. (Warlords)

Are you able to raid in our scheduled days? Tuesday 1945 to 2300, Thursday 1945 to 2300 Server Time
Discord, DBM/BigWigs, Exorsus Raid Tools and WeakAuras 2 are mandatory, do you have these installed?
Are you prepared to be able to cover the costs required associated with raiding - Flasks, Food, Potions, Enchants, Gems, Repairs?
What are your expectations from Dissidence as a guild?

My expectations are that people actually are trying to clear 12/12. but still in a polite and non toxic enviroment.

With a few words, tell us what you will bring to the guild and how you can contribute to us and our raids

I am a happy person. always up for helping others ESPECIALLY, with raid orientet stuff that can improve a raiding team. I also bring to the table the fact that i read alot of theory about stuff so i often pass by ideas how to pull a fight we could be struggling on and a possible fix to a problem. I am ALWAYS raid ready. and will rarely miss a raid.


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Good afternoon Casper,

All good answers to the questions particularly with regards to progression.

We are currently on the final phase of Carapace and hitting around 15% to 30% regularly so, just looking at cementing the final part well.

Warlock are always good in the roster and destro is particularly useful.

I am also happy that your % in HC is good and while you dont necessarily have the kills down in Mythic, providing that the tactics are solid, you will be fine.

My only question would be, are you happy to progress from Carapace to N'Zoth to help the guild achieve CE? We are not likely to reset mythic until it is down as we firmly believe we all have sufficient gear to do it.

Please let me know but, I am happy to invite you in to trial. Please speak to an officer if your happy with the above and still wish to join.

Best of luck!

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