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Status: REJECTED (Class is full)
Submitted on: Jul 21, 2020 at 07:51 PM
Race and Class
Blood Elf Warrior
Real life name, age, gender and nationality

Nicolai, 24, Male, Danish

Are you applying for the current team or Shadowlands?

Raiding Trial

Character name, MS + OS and is OS viable?

Zubrelein, Fury & Protection can change to Arms as i got the weapons etc. Other than that i also have 470 ilvl rouge which i am gearing for assasination for raiding and Outlaw for m+ and a 462 BM hunter that can be focused on gearing if needed.

How long has this character been your main?

Started maining my warrior around the start of Nyaloatha.

Playtime on your character (total and at level 120)

Total time is 15 days, 1 hour. Time at level 120 is 13 days, 2 hours.

If guildless why did you leave your last guild? If still in one why are you looking to leave?

Left the last guild since the guild died on Raden progress, people stopped showing up for raid nights and others signed up but never showed. This ended up with the raidteam just stopping and the guild falling apart shortly after.

What do you do in order to improve your performance?

Wowanalyzer, talking to other people with knowledge about the class about differences in performance or looking at guides mainly. I only started raiding mythic this tier so haven't gotten completely into reading logs.

What made you apply to Dissidence?

A friend and i was talking about starting up raiding mythic again after the last guild fell apart and we looked up guilds with mythic progression that we thought would suit us gameplay wise

What is your current, most relevant, raiding experience?

Most relevant raiding experience is mythic progression on this raid up to Ra-den.

Please include any logs of your character here
Please link your profile here.
Are you able to raid in our scheduled days? Tuesday 1945 to 2300, Thursday 1945 to 2300 Server Time
Discord, DBM/BigWigs, Exorsus Raid Tools and WeakAuras 2 are mandatory, do you have these installed?
Are you prepared to be able to cover the costs required associated with raiding - Flasks, Food, Potions, Enchants, Gems, Repairs?
What are your expectations from Dissidence as a guild?

Hoping for a fun raiding guild with a good and chill atmosphere during progression and active players during the day/evenings to either raid or do m+ keys with in this tier and in Shadowlands.

With a few words, tell us what you will bring to the guild and how you can contribute to us and our raids

Consistent showings for raiding, tend to always have a positive attitude when playing. I dont mind changing up classes or specs depending on what is useful for the raidteam and i dont mind putting in the effort to help up gearing up other peoples alts etc. I tend to not be shy about sharing input for improvements or owning up to my own mistakes during m+/raiding.



Good after noon Nicolai,

Sadly, while you are excellent on paper, we currently do not have a spot for a Warrior within the raid team. This is purely and simply down to the fact that we have 3 on the books already and it wouldnt be fair to add more.

However, I note you have a rogue, a rogue would be useful.

If you are able, can you join a pug HC and post logs from it?, I would be open to a rogue joining the team but, need some information such as name and some logs.

We have plenty of hunters so, this is not likely to be an option currently.

I hope you understand the requirements and hope to see some more information to aide your assessment and wish you best of luck going forward.

Best wishes,

Hello Nicolai,

Would you be comfortable tanking with our main tank, as your main focus, as a spot has just opened up?

Also, you should be aware that we have recently lost a small number of players, and that could slow us down a week or two, but we will be back on track aiming for Cutting Edge very soon.

My other question would be, are you happy to progress from Carapace to N'Zoth to help the guild achieve CE? We are not likely to reset mythic until it is down as we firmly believe we all have sufficient gear to do it.

Please let me know but, I am happy to invite you in to trial. Please speak to an officer if you’re happy with the above and still wish to join.

Best of luck!

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